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Case Studies

Grasp Lighting Group provided JR Scientific of Woodland, CA with the Advanced Optoelectronics LED PAR38s - 3000K – 60 degree – 15W to replace 60W incandescent lights in several cold storage and freezer rooms. Old lamp life 1000 hours and new AO LED life expected to be beyond 30 years in the cold environment. Energy savings 75% and maintenance issues were eliminated.

At The Melting Pot restaurant in Houston, TX Grasp Lighting Group reviewed the lighting needs for the full facility and installed the following LED lights:


  • Kitchen 2x4 - 4 tube fluorescents were replaced with Advanced Optoelectronics LED 5000K - 2x2 lay-in 40W panels, replacing 180W systems resulting in a 78% energy savings, no flickering, no ballast failures and no discolored fluorescent lamps. Foot Candles within the kitchen increased 29%.

  • Dining area 50W halogens were replaced with Phoster LED PAR30s – 13W and when normally dimmed save 92% and ROI is 2 years. Phoster lens coloration and unique beam angles matched exactly what management and employees suggested. The dimmed Phoster PAR30s produce no heat resulting in the elimination of the extremely hot halogen AC heat load. 

  • Halogen 20W MR16s were replaced with LED GU10 colored and beamed properly resulting in an 83% energy savings and no heat load.​​

  • Cooler and freezer fluorescents were replaced with LED T8s and will provide high lumen output and maintenance free service for many years to come.

At a biotech facility in Northern California, Grasp Lighting Group defined the appropriate Induction and LED high-bay lamps to replace troublesome, difficult to service, 2 tube 8’ fluorescent fixtures. Future Energy Solutions, ORLED and RIO induction systems and LED fixtures replaced the inefficient fluorescents resulting in a 40% energy savings, the elimination of maintenance issues at 18’ requiring a rental scissor lift and foot candles were increased from 4.4FC to 22.2FC. Induction life of 100,000 hours and LED life of 50,000 hours should translate to 44 and 22 years of trouble free service. 

The Melting Pot restaurant in Boca Raton, FL was retrofitted by Grasp Lighting Group in June 2013.  The retrofit included: 

  • One-for-one retrofit of the 2 x 2 fluorescents, PAR 30s, MR16s, Cooler light and 4' fluorescent tubes.  Old kitchen 2 x 2 fluorescents were replaced with ATG Electronics LED 2x2 -70W down to 40W.  Foot candles otput doubled and savings increased by 43%.  Kitchen 4’ fluorescents were replaced with ATG LED tubes – 70W to 34W resulting in 51% savings. 

  • Dining area 70w halogens were replaced with Phoster Industries Ambient Series LED PAR 30s – 70W down to 14W resulting in 80% savings. When dimmed from 20W down to 1W, a 95% savings result.

  • Upper dining area 20W halogens were replaced with Lumenor 4W GU10s resulting in 90% savings when dimmed.


Both dining areas were re-lit with customized LEDs with modified beam angles and color corrections resulting in the proper ambience and a reduction of the AC load and maintenance savings. 10 hanging pendants at 20W were replaced with Satco gimble track heads and Lumenor GU10s removing the bothersome hanging pendants.   Additional benefits from the retrofit: 

  • $2,200 annual energy savings ROI < 2.3 years

  • Maintenance free operation for 10+ years

  • Improved foot candles in the kitchen areas

  • Maintenance free operation for 10+ years.  Improved color, ambience, and beam control with the GU10s