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The field of lighting is undergoing a fascinating, revolutionary transformation.  The century-old light bulb is steadily ceding ground to its high-tech successor, the light-emitting diode (LED). While the promise of LED's as a long-lived, energy efficient heir to light bulbs is undeniable, the true promise of LED and solid-state lighting technology transcends illumination. LEDs offer the potential to control, manipulate, and use light in entirely new ways for a surprisingly diverse range of areas.

At Grasp Lighting, we offer a turnkey solution to implementing an LED system that best matches the needs and budget of our client.


LED lights and systems:

  • Light Panels - 5 -10 year warranty

  • High-Bay Lights 10 year warranty

  • New LED high bay added 5 year

  • New low bay added 5 year

  • New post top LED added

  • New post top/street light added

  • Low-Bay Lights 10 year warranty

  • Induction Lights - 100,000 hours 

  • LED Tube Lights - wattage/Kelvins

  • Spot-Floodlights  5 year warranty

  • RGB Systems - 3 year warranty

Your SINGLE SOURCE PROVIDER for Your LED Lighting Requirements
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