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Why Grasp Lighting?


LED lighting is super-efficient, sustainable, and cost effective! LED fixtures last 20 to 50 times longer than incandescent, significantly reducing landfill waste and maintenance costs. Businesses and commercial applications have the most to gain from environmentally friendly LED conversions as they can often achieve ROI payback in one year or less! Utility company rebate funding for LED projects makes now an even better time to upgrade to LED – rebates typically pay 40% to 80% of the project cost.


•  Site visit and evaluation​

•  Project cost estimate and ROI calculation​

•  Final product selection and installation

Our premium LEDs are pre-approved for utility rebate programs, fit into existing fixtures with no re-wiring required and produce beautiful warm white light virtually identical to incandescent and halogen. As a business owner, you have more important things to do than worry about changing light bulbs and paying high utility bills. Let us show you how you can reduce your lighting costs by 80% to 90% with state of the art LED technology.

Premium products are supplied by CREE, ATG Electronics, Phoster,  SORAA, Lumenor, GE, SAN-LED Corp, and Philips.

Reduce waste, improve lighting AND save significant amount on electricity and maintenance costs. Give us a call and we'll assist you with cost analysis and ROI calculations to help you determine where investing in LED's makes good economic sense.

Contact us today to learn more about our on-site consultation and rebate program.


GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC is proud to offer 3rd party financing services for the convenience our customers.  LED or INDUCTION lighting is a long term money-saving commitment many people avoid, because of the initial cost of converting.  We offer this financing plan to provide cities, hospitals and other businesses the immediate value of bright LEDs or INDUCTION lighting at a monthly cost that is affordable to our customer’s budget.  LED lights bulbs were created to provide a better quality of lighting with the least consumption of energy possible.  Most any business can save considerable amounts of money in the long term by converting to 100% LED Lighting or INDUCTION lighting.   Our affordable monthly payment plan allows our customers savings to add up sooner rather than later, by converting immediately over to our LED/INDUCTION solutions.  Contact us for a free consultation & more details on financing. Since it is 3rd party financing GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC does not need to see your financial credit nor financial records.


GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC guarantees our products come with a 4 (four) or 5 (five)-year full warranty, as of the invoice date, if used in accordance with their intended purpose. The warranty is issued by GRASP to the customer whose name is stated on the invoice.

1) The warranty will be activated within 30 (thirty) days from the invoice date. 

2) The equipment warranty covers the repair or replacement of the faulty parts or the parts with manufacturing defects, based on our final decision.

3) The detected defect must be communicated in writing to GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC , to obtain the repair/replacement under warranty.

4) The warranty only applies provided that:

a. The product has been used in conformity with the specifications.

b. The product has been installed in conformity with the installation instructions included with the product and by qualified personnel.

c. The room temperature threshold values (Ta) and the voltage values (Vin), including the relevant tolerances, do not exceed the limits and the product has not been exposed to mechanical loads that are not in conformity with the intended use.

d. No changes or interventions have been carried out, without any prior GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC authorization in writing.

e. The defective product must be kept by the customer as is, as long as necessary to allow GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC to perform the necessary evaluations, aimed at identifying the cause of the failure.

f. The customer submits the purchasing contract or the invoice or documentation confirming the purchase  to GRASP LIGHTING GROUP,  LLC .

g. The fault must be accurately reported by the customer, in writing or via e-mail, to GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC , giving evidence of the type and extent within 30 (thirty) days from the date it was first found.

h. The customer has duly paid for the product in conformity with the terms of payment specified in the sale agreement.

5) The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

a. Product defects caused by unexpected and unforeseeable events (e.g. fortuitous event and / or force majeure, including electrical discharges and lightning strikes), vandalism, unrest, fires and any other events whereby manufacturing defects cannot be claimed as a cause.

b. Faults caused by surges exceeding the lamp or fixture warranty values.

c. The product was tampered with or replaced by personnel that had not been previously authorized in writing by GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC .


6) The light flow depreciation is a normal phenomenon during the working life of the LED or INDUCTION LAMP and is not covered by the warranty unless specified in writing.


7) Within the 5 (five)-year period, the warranty covers up to maximum yearly timeframe.


8) If any defects covered by this warranty are identified (and the conditions described in the previous paragraphs have been met) GRASP LIGHTING GROUP,  LLC shall decide whether to repair and / or replace the product with a better or an equivalent product in terms of energy and lighting performance, compatible with the state-of-the art LED technology or INDUCTION technology.


9) This warranty does not cover all the expenses that are incurred to repair the defect. For example: Removal and installation of the product, labor, freight of the defective and repaired product, rental and / or use of lifting devices (cage), scaffolding, daily travelling allowances and travelling expenses, if needed. 


10) This warranty does not cover any damage caused to equipment or property due to product malfunctioning.

11) The GRASP LIGHTING GROUP,  LLC products have been manufactured using innovative manufacturing processes that guarantee high quality in terms of abrasion and corrosion resistance and color stability or peeling. The products are guaranteed provided that any mechanical or structural faults are due to manufacturing defects. 


12) This warranty covers the whole product, including light remote controls, if any.


13) This warranty does not apply to AEC tunnel permanent lighting fixtures, which are covered by a separate warranty.


14) When properly activated, this warranty is the only product guarantee granted by GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC to the customer (stated in the invoice), who shall renounce any other implicit and / or explicit rights contained in the laws in force and any other warranty provided by GRASP LIGHTING GROUP,  LLC .


15) The customer shall not claim anything else from GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC in relation to the faulty product. GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC shall not be charged any expenses that have been incurred to keep the defective product in store, nor any other costs and / or damages. Likewise the customer shall not be entitled to request and / or claim any postponement of payments, price reduction or termination of the supply agreement.


16) As soon as the failure has been identified, the customer shall inform GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC in writing, copy the area dealer, giving information on the equipment type, the supply details (transport document or invoice number) and installation site. 


GRASP LIGHTING GROUP,  LLC will then authorize the customer to return the material to be repaired. Articles returned without first receiving the GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC authorizations will not be accepted. Once the material has been received, GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC will analyze the failure, communicate the cause to the customer and whether the cause is covered by the warranty. If the failure is covered by the warranty, GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC shall repair it for free; if it is not covered by the warranty, GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC shall communicate the cost of the repair to the customer and repair the part after receiving the customer’s authorization in writing.


The customer shall in no case request new products in replacement of the defective ones.



  • The warranty is accepted subject to submission of the document certifying the correct installation and start-up of the electrical system the product is connected to.

  • The warranty shall be null and void if the installation was not carried out in accordance with the instruction sheet supplied with the equipment.

  • GRASP shall repair or, based on their personal discretion, replace the product or defective parts.

  • The product warranty shall be null and void if the product is modified and / or adapted according to technical and safety standards other than those in force in the country where the product was designed and manufactured.


This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Scheduled checks, maintenance, repair or replacement of wear parts;

  • Costs and damage caused by transportation, handling or installation;

  • Inappropriate use, wrong installation and use;

  • Damage caused by fires, natural phenomena, turmoil, wrong power supply and any other cause not depending on GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC ;

  • Cost of assembly and disassembly.


Any person who owns the product during the warranty period is entitled to to the provisions of this warranty.


GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC  is uniquely positioned to provide a superior level of technical support for your LED or INDUCTION lighting applications.  We provide the following:


  • Walk through to establish the value of a more detailed lighting review.

  • Snap shot analysis to rough out the lighting opportunities.

  • Audit to analyze existing lighting and generate suggested lighting alternatives.

  • Photo-metric analysis to establish existing light output baselines.  Click on link for examples of color circle.

  • Photo-metric analysis using recommended lighting upgrades.  Click on link for photo-metric analysis.

  • Full product range of the best in class LED lights/fixtures or a blend of Induction lights as one size does not fit all.

  • Availability of a LIGHTING DESIGN ENGINEER.

  • Utilization of motion or occupancy sensors to enhance energy savings.

  • System analysis to blend all lamps and fixtures and controls into a usable package.

  • Warranty packages supported by the manufacturer and GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC.  

  • Installation services as required by qualified personnel.  

  • 3rd party financing.  

  • Sample or pilot programs to allow you to see, measure and evaluate the suggested lighting upgrades. 

  • Letters of Recommendations and various case studies for analysis. 

  • TRUTH IN LIGHTING – if we can accomplish the task properly we will tell you, if not we will assist you in outsourcing the task to a more qualified supplier. There are some lighting upgrades that are unacceptable and we will explain the reasons and options fully. 

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