Grasp Lighting Has Completed the Testing and Evaluation of Various LED Par30's for Murphy Bed US

Working with the founders we tested 5 LED Par30's with various beam angles and beam colors and CRI.

Murphy Bed USA managements team took their time, asked the proper questions and asked Grasp's Founder, Peter V. Baker to go into lamp design and details and technology. Once fully explained, Murphy management made their decision from the good, better and best lamps.

They picked a very suitable lamp and ordered for their full store. This store once completed on 10-15-2015 and will be evaluated for about 2 electrical energy cycles, and then the Boca store will be set up for conversion.

The return on investment (ROI) is a conservative 6 months. The hot running halogens were replaced every 4 months due to failures.

These new LED lamps have a full 5 year warranty and should last 7 to 9 years. Peter is proud of this client as they were educated last year, we did all their night LED lighting and they called us. Trust is earned. They are smart partners.

A win win situation - possible Powerpoint and case study to be prepared as we do for all our clients. It's a constant reminder of old hot short life halogens versus state of the art top quality LED lamps.

We will assist in installation free of cost and help them aim their new LEDs said GRASP CEO Peter V. Baker.

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